MIAMI Association of REALTORS



Why did you become a YPN All Star?

I became a YPN All Star because I wanted to connect with like minded young professionals who want to truly rise to the top. Before I signed up to YPN, I had seen social media posts of some of the members ( shout out to Megan and Bethany ) and thought , ”wow these girls are so professional, and they hustle every day, maybe I can learn something from this!” And I’m so happy I joined.


What is your favorite All Star Benefit or event?

I have been a member for almost six months (I think) and I love how YPN wants to help you grow. I love the photo shoots that YPN has ( shout out to Kevin) around Miami / Fort Lauderdale that help connect you with your audience.


What areas do you work and what specialties do you cover?

I have been in Real Estate for 7 years now. I spend about 75% of my time in Sunny Isles Beach and Aventura. I specialize in oceanfront luxury condos. The other 25% is the rest of South Florida as I have clients in Fort Lauderdale , Brickell, Downtown, Coral Gables etc. 


What is a recent achievement or biggest accomplishment?

Oddly enough, my recent achievement has been balancing my life. As a real estate professional, at least for me, everything revolves around my clients. I wasn’t traveling, I wasn’t spending “me” time, I didn’t have hobbies. Everything was about work, about the clients ... which the client loves hahaha. But finally, I have been able to balance !! I travel every few months, I’m picking up some hobbies, and I’m still able to get everything done.

What are your goals for this coming year?

My goals for this year will always be the same every year. Sell more properties ! Reach “The Jills” status.


Do you have any ideas for YPN All Stars benefits or events?

We should throw a Gala. I love galas . A percentage of the ticket sales can go to a foundation of our choice.
We can do come volunteer work.
Run the Mercedes Benz corporate run. 
Lots of preconstruction buildings like to host events during the day to talk about their projects and the area. It’s always very informative. We can go to those.