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Surfina - MLS Integrated Insurance Quotes

What’s in it for me?

  • MLS integrated insurance quotes
  • Quotes available in 11 different languages
  • Available for RE1 and RE2 (single family homes and condos)
  • Options to insure, inspect or insure and inspect
  • Built for REALTORS with print, fax and email options available

MLS Integrated Insurance quotes is not only what you & your customers have been asking's available in 11 dfferent languages! Customers have always asked: "How much will my insurance be on this house? on this condo? Now, with just three clicks you and your customer can get the answers.

The offer on your customer's dream property has been accepted and now the clock is ticking to get everything completed, including getting the insurance binder (even more important between June 1st and November 30). Now your customers can schedule the insurance inspection, get the insurance quote and pay for the binder...all with the assistance from their agent and just a click from MLS.


Accessing MLS integrated insurance made easy.

  1. Log into Matrix through the MIAMI dashboard
  2. Perform property search in RE1 or RE2.
  3. Ok
  4. Insurance link in icons above listing. Click and indicative quote will appear.
  5. Choose language.
  6. If you require an actual inspection or quote (binder) fill out requested name, phone number and email address.

Fast Access

  1. Go to
  2. Click on MIAMI Gateway & log into MLS
  3. Look to the left of any RE1 or RE2 listing and click on insurance
Surfina - MLS Integrated Insurance Quotes

Webinars/Videos and Tutorials

Before you begin please watch this tutorial video that will walk you through the steps of accessing and using Integrated Insurance Quotes: click here