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Special Discount (50%-70%) Pricing Available to: MIAMI Brokers Only

Previsite's SocialConnect Broker Offering is a completely automated social media offering for Real Estate Brokers. 

Promote your listings and strengthen your branding across the social media sphere, effortlessly!

Previsite receives your listings feed, provided by Miami Association of Realtors;  your entire active listing inventory is imported into the Previsite viewer, and the variety of robust multimedia listing presentations are created: videos, slide shows, tweets and tours. These multimedia formats are then distributed - again automatically - to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Additionally, all agents receive complimentary accounts to promote their listings on their social media sites (additional savings and benefits to you).

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Previsite will create the Welcome, Sales and Rental tabs and load your entire active listings inventory automatically on Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook Fan Page we create one for you. Click here for a Facebook sample.

We can help you increase your SEO & VSEO!. 

Previsite will generate and post all of your active listing videos daily on your YouTube Channel. If you don't have a YouTube Channel, we create one for you. Click here for a YouTube sample.

revisite will automatically post all of your active listings to your Twitter page daily. If you don't have a Twitter page, we will create one for you. . Click here for a Twitter sample.

Darren Bondy
Chief Operating Officer
877-261-8555 x703