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Real estate data on the go. A new iPhone App.
What's In It for Me?
  1. Take real estate data with you everywhere you go. Answer questions about local zoning, construction averages, as well as approximate rent and lease values.
  2.  Respond to customers in minutes instead of hours when a potential customers asks “what can I build in this property?” or “can I build a duplex in my property?”.
  3. Click on the property, to get all the basic property, demographics and zoning information you need to speak about it’s potential.
  4. Be the go-to agent for customers looking to buy a home or investment property, give valuable insight into the future potential and neighborhood values.
  5. Be the most insightful, knowledgeable agent, for only $4.99/mo.
    “Deepblocks allows us all to speak the same language in the development arena. This is a conversation that is really strained because there is a complete lack of understanding of the different perspectives that inform it.

    Deepblocks makes it easier. It eliminates a significant amount of discomfort and agitation that is typically involved in this process.”  
    Francisco García,   Director of Planning & Zoning
    City of Miami

    “There are many steps to a real estate project. I buy a piece of property, my appraiser, my bank, my architect, my GC, we’re all separately looking at the same thing at the same time.
    Deepblocks allows for a conversation where everybody is on the same page, this will bring so much efficiency and transparency to the market.”

    Avra Jain, Owner and Developer
    Vagabond Group

    “Artificial intelligence has moved to the front burner of the hottest area of science and technology. And now Deepblocks is applying AI and machine learning to real estate.

    So we're going from sketching a building to multidimensional analysis of what these development projects can be. ”  
    Neil Jacobstein, Chair of Robotics an

    Mappy by Deepblocks

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