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What’s In It for Me?
  • Save time on every transaction integrated with Docusign
  • Seller Property Disclosure (Residential & Condo)
  • Homeowner's Association - Community Disclosure CR-5X
  • Community Development District Addendum
  • Miami-Dade County Special Taxing District Disclosure
  • Unincorporated Miami-Dade Flood Area Rider
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy
  • Lead-based Point Disclosure
  • Upload your own forms for assembling a disclosure package with e-signature capabilities
  • Ensure disclosures are complete and comprehensive
  • Track progress and send reminders on every form and action
  • Manage risk with comprehensive forms and change logs to reduce risk of legal action
  • Step-by-step guided interface with contextual help, auto-saving, and flagging feature

“Glide’s interface made for a better client experience than trying to send handwritten forms back-and-forth and potentially explain that there is missing information over the phone.  Also, I felt that the seller spent more time reading the questions and answering things more thoroughly, which will provide more thorough and accurate information for buyers.” Ruth Krishnan, Paragon Real Estate Group

“I started using Glide shortly after it was made available as a member benefit and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Glide alleviates the tediousness of filling out disclosures.  The user interface is clean, elegant and intuitive.  That makes my clients happy which makes me happy.  I’ll never fill out disclosures the old way again.” Francine Gonzalez, Innovative Transactions

“For me, Glide’s easy-to-use online system has made completing disclosure forms a more enjoyable experience all around!  Now that I’ve used Glide, I won’t be able, nor want to go back to the old way of doing disclosures.” Kevin Burke, Burke Real Estate Consultant


Fast Access

  1. Go to MiamiRealtors.comand Click on the Miami Gateway.
  2. Login using your MLS ID & Password
  3. Click on the Glide button

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