MIAMI Association of REALTORS



The Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity offers:
•Unlimited digital signatures
•Unlimited document storage
•Seamlessly integrated into your Florida Realtors® forms
•Simple interface navigation
•Secure and efficient
•Saves time & money
•Create, manage, collaborate, save, and eSign transactions online from any device.
Florida Realtors Refund Policy
“If you paid for an Individual Upgrade for the Ultimate Edition within thirty (30) days of your MIAMI Platinum Plus Suite of Additional Service activation date, you will automatically receive a full refund on your credit card from Form Simplicity. If you purchased the Individual Upgrade between 30 and 60 days from your “MIAMI Platinum Plus Suite of Additional Services” purchase date, Form Simplicity will automatically apply a pro-rated refund to your credit card. Refunds will not be applied to Individual Upgrades purchased 61 days or longer to the member’s “Miami Plus” activation date. Applicable refunds will automatically be applied to your credit card within 30 days of your “Miami Plus” activation date. Since refunds will be applied automatically, please do not call the Tech Helpline for refund information unless the refund the refund was not applied within the 30-day period. Furthermore, your Individual Upgrade with Form Simplicity will not be auto-renewed .”