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Real Estate Data, 3D Visualization, and Return Analysis, all in one platform.
What's In It for Me?
  1. Generate a presentation for any property that includes market data and 3D visuals of any development project in no time. (Including: Condo, Rental Apartments, Hotel, Office Rental, Industrial and Mixed use.)
  2. Search for properties that meet your customer’s criteria and send over PDF reports in minutes instead of hours. 
  3. Fast access to the real estate data you need - in one place. Featuring zoning limits, construction costs, rents, lease, demographics, and financials. 
  4. Spark your customer’s imagination with 3D visualization in real-time. Show your clients that you have valuable information and understand their property’s potential. 
  5. Educate and empower your customers by including the return analysis with every option. Back up your listing price by showing potential upside.
“Deepblocks is transforming the industry by giving people access to information that before would take hours and now it takes seconds.
We are using Deepblocks to expedite transactions and export PDFs to produce reports for our clients”  

Cristina Mas,  Owner and Founder
CIM Consulting
“The most important thing in planning a city is understanding what is coming. With Deepblocks I can figure out what the potential development envelope is and type of impact it might have on my district.
I was amazed to see that it took about five minutes to generate a development program that made moth economic and spatial sense. Every real estate developer and broker on the planet needs this.”

Jim Fried, Founder
Fried on Business
“From my point of view, it is truly a great piece of real estate technology. It was long, long overdue. It’s easy to learn and use if you give it your full attention.
For understanding value-add and highest & best use commercial real estate, it’s a godsend and saves a tremendous amount of time because it does financial calculations based on different mixes and scenarios.
It’s a winner and you can always tell a winner at the starting gate!”

Raymond E. Marzorati, VP of Investments / Leasing
Weichert Commercial Brokerage


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