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Announce My Listing

What’s In It for Me?

A FREE MIAMI Member Benefit

  • An easy way to share your listings on social media sites and HTML email
  • A must have tool for agents looking to increase website traffic and social media exposure online
  • A listing announcement for both AGENTS and their SELLERS that can be shared via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more
  • A listing announcement that can also be shared on blogs and emailed to contacts
  • Data from MLS is synced every few hours so wherever it is shared it is always accurate
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Additional Resources

A NEW ENHANCEMENT: We are proud to introduce AnnounceMyListing's Email Notifications and Quick Start enhancements designed to:

  1. Let you know when AnnounceMyListing is available for your new listing
  2. Create announcements in just 2 clicks without logging into the MLS
  3. Share announcements while "on the go" - from your phone or tablet
  4. Simplify the email distribution of the Listing Announcement to your email contacts


Fast Access

  1. Go to and login to the MIAMI Gateway
  2. Choose Matrix
  3. Find the "Smartlinks" tab under the "Links" menu at the top of the page and choose AnnounceMyListing
Jupiter participants log in from Rapattoni MLS “AnnounceMyListing” will be available in the Resources Tab.
Once on AnnounceMyListing, click the "edit & announce it" button next to your listing to customize your announcement and share it with your contacts.
Webinars, Videos & Tutorials
Quick Start -Video Tutorial: Click here
Overview: Click here
AnnounceMyListing Info: Click here
Create announcement wizard: Click here
Email notifications and Quick Start enhancements: Click here

Support/FAQ: Click here
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