MIAMI Association of REALTORS



Media Relations Highlights

The MIAMI Association of Realtors handles on average 20 to 30 media inquiries per month.  MIAMI’s media relations activities generate extensive worldwide exposure for the local market and for MIAMI Members, resulting in millions of dollars of ad equivalency value each year.  Here are some recent highlights:

The Miami Herald – MIAMI issued a news release and provided information and leader commentary on the Miami luxury real estate market. Miami consistently works with The Miami Herald to provide information on the residential and commercial markets, as well as on international buying activity.

Miami Today – MIAMI provided information and coordinated interviews for a piece by Carla Vianna on the Miami condo market in the Brickell/Downtown Miami area.

WSJ (Beijing) – WSJ Reporter Alyssa Abkowitz interviewed MIAMI CEO Teresa King Kinney at LPS Beijing in April 2015. A feature story will appear soon in the WSJ.

Dow Jones (New York) – Reporter Adam Brinkow of Dow Jones is working on a story about real estate in the City of Miami. Provided data, reports and information and coordinated interviews.

PIB Magazine (Brazil) – MIAMI provided statistics and commentary on Brazilian real estate buyers in the Miami and U.S. real estate markets.

South Florida Luxury Guide – MIAMI provides statistics and information on the luxury real estate market in Miami-Dade and Broward counties on a bimonthly basis.

Bloomberg News – MIAMI provided information to and coordinated interviews for reporter Prashant Gopal who produced story on the Miami real estate market. Miami also provided information to reporter John Gittelsohn, who regularly covers the Miami market.

Bloomberg News (Washington, D.C.) – worked with reporter on story featuring buyers impacted by financial crisis who have recovered and are ready to start spending and borrowing responsibly.

South Florida Cooperator (New York) – coordinated the participation of MIAMI Leaders and members in story about hosting successful open houses.

Your Investment Property Magazine (Australia) – worked extensively with managing editor to schedule interviews with MIAMI Leadership and major players in the Miami real estate market and other markets in Florida - in Miami and during the NAR Realtors Conference in San Francisco.  Also provided detailed statistics and information on the local market and impact of foreign buyers.

El Nuevo Herald (Miami) – worked for several months on piece about Russian investment in Miami.  Offered latest statistics on Russian buyers and coordinated several interviews with MIAMI Leaders and with Members working with Russian buyers and investors.

The Wall Street Journal (New York) – facilitated information and coordinated interviews for story featuring Miami high-end single family home market.

Market Watch/Dow Jones – provided statistics for story on cash sales and investors in Miami real estate market.

The Wall Street Journal Americas (New York) – worked with journalist in New York for story that appeared in various Latin America partner papers regarding new construction condos in Miami and the proportion of Latin American buyers, particularly Brazilians.  Provided information and coordinated interviews.

Fohla de San Paulo (Brazil) – worked with New York correspondent on story international buyers, particularly Brazilians investing in the Miami Real Estate market.  Conducted interview and provided extensive statistics and information on foreign and Brazilan buyers in Miami.

Qual Magazine (Brazil) – conducted interview to be featured in special issue.  Topics included international buyers and Brazilians investing in Miami market, state of the Miami real estate market, and connecting Miami members with foreign buyers.

CNBC (New York) – provided information and coordinated interview with MIAMI Leader for spotlight on Miami market, including home prices, sales activity, inventory, and other market metrics.

BBC (Washington, D.C.) – coordinated two stories on Miami: “Inequality in Miami” and “Miami’s Renaissance”.  Provided information and statistics and coordinated interviews.

Channel 10/WPLG (South Florida) – MIAMI senior vice president of public relations appeared on “This Week in South Florida” with Glenna Milberg to discuss current state of local real estate market and factors impact market performance.

CNN Latino (Miami) – 2014 MIAMI Chairman of the Board Liza Mendez was featured on segment of “Maria Elvira” Show, discussing home price appreciation and great time for homeowners to sell.

South Florida Luxury Guide – provided statistics on Miami properties listed or sold for more than $1 million and offered market overview for feature in special publication.

NBC (Miami Bureau) – worked with journalist on story about Latin buyers and investors in Miami market, provided statistics on local market and on international buyers, coordinated interviews and connected journalist with MIAMI members to feature Latin clients for anecdotal evidence for newly re-launched Latino section online.

Veja Magazine (Brazil) – worked with reporter visiting Miami to provide information on Brazilian buyers in Miami.  Also coordinated interview with chairman of the board and with the chairman of the board of MIAMI partner association SECOVI-SP in Brazil, who was in Miami to attend association’s Inaugural and Awards event and receive “International Partner of the Year” award.  Connected journalist with MIAMI Leaders and members to facilitate clients to feature in the story.