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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Q: Will there be new listing input sheets for Matrix?
A: YES - new input sheets are already in place and each page reflects each one of the new input screens. These input sheets can be found at under MLS Help & Forms and on and in the left hand column.

Q: Can my agents input a new listing directly into Matrix?
A: YES - the new Matrix MLS ADD/EDIT feature allows for very easy direct input...especially on a touch screen. Your agents can now Input the Listing at the Listing!

Q: My agents currently don't have ADD/EDIT capability with my company - does that change?
A: Yes, all SEARCH ONLY agents will be transitioned to a new access called Input Capability with Approval – This new functionality allows your previously SEARCH ONLY agents to now enter the listing information directly into Matrix, hit submit listing and now this listing is waiting for the office (Broker/Manager/admin) approval and MLS activation.  If your office does NOT want your agents to have Input Capability with Approval, please submit your request today to to maintain your agents as SEARCH ONLY. If you, the Broker, want to change their access level to ADD/EDIT you can contact and authorize your agent(s) to have full ADD/EDIT access or ADD/EDIT with Approval (your agents can input the listing info but you, your designated assistant or admin has to approve online before it goes live/active)

Q: Do my admins or agents need to take a class to learn how to input a listing into Matrix?
A: YES - It is a different process than currently in MLXchange or Fusion. Classes are offered at all MIAMI locations. Your agents can find one near them: We also offer special classes for admins and if you have 10 or more admins we can schedule one just for your admins! Contact Liset Hanes at: or 305-468-7002

Q: A lot of my agents haven't taken any Matrix classes yet, when and where are they offered?
A: Matrix classes are offered at all MIAMI locations - from Introduction to Super-User classes. To find one near you: We also have more info, tutorials, videos, quick start guides and downloadable manuals at

Q: My agents tell me they don’t have time to go sit in a class to learn Matrix, are there videos or tutorials they can watch?
A: Yes, we have a full range of videos, tutorials, Step-by-Step Quick Start guide and even a full Matrix Manual they can download. After hours, nights or weekends, members can access all these resources and learn to use Matrix: or

Q: I have other MLS questions - where can I go to get more info?
A: For all your MLS needs please visit our NEW MLS page at Matrix specific information including tutorials can be found at Questions can also be sent to  We also invite you to visit our New Broker/Manager Resource page at

Q: Where can I find the Matrix video?

Q: How do I access Matrix?
A: Go to and log into the Gateway, then click on Matrix

Q: I am a Mac user, will I be able to use Matrix?
A: Yes! The good news is that Matrix is cross browser compatible. So whether you are running Windows or Apple Operating Systems ….Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari…you can use Matrix.

Q: I use an iPad and iPhone, will I be able to access Matrix on my mobile devices?
A: Yes! The even better news is that Matrix is cross-device compatible. iPad & iPhone, as well as Androids, tablets, laptops and yes, even desktop users will have access to MLS through Matrix.

Q: If I am in Fusion or MLXchange and I need to ADD or EDIT a listing can I do this without logging out of Fusion/MLXchange and logging into Matrix? 
A:  The good news is: YES! When you click on ADD or EDIT in MLXchange or Fusion, beginning December 9th, you will be redirected to Matrix ADD/EDIT where you can complete your task.

Will I still be able to Save Contacts and Save Searches in Fusion and MLXchange? 
A: Yes, however, these will NOT automatically move to Matrix. If you are using Matrix ADD/EDIT, you should be adding your Contacts and new Saved Searches in Matrix to fully take advantage of all the Matrix capabilities.

Q: How do I get Technical Support for Matrix issues?
A: You call the same MLS Tech Support you are used to using: 888-825-5472 ext. 1
Broward County 954-492-1200 M-F 8:30am-8:30pm S-S 8:30am-3pm

Matrix 7.0 FAQs: Click here

Matrix Resources

  • Fast Access – 3 steps to start using Matrix
  • Matrix Webinars, Tutorials and Videos
  • Matrix Quick Tip Videos
  • Matrix Step-by-Step Quick Start
  • Matrix User Guide (Downloadable Manual)
  • Matrix Listing Input forms

Resources for MIAMI Professionals

Welcome to Matrix – a complete guide to assisting members with the transition to Matrix (25 pages) – please download and place on your desktop for reference is available at

MLS Trainers:

Nelson Roque – 305-984-0651 cell 305-468-7023 HQ
Alex Henry-Millington –  305-962-5878 cell 305-468-7089 WB
Isabel Smith – 305-401-7266 cell  305-468-7090 HQ

Your MLS Team of Professionals:

Sonnia Rodriguez – 305-468-7039 HQ
Ivette Fraga – 305-468-7037 HQ
Christian Hidalgo – 305-468-7050 CG
Bill Cole –  954-843-9780 HQ
Deborah Boza-Valledor – 305-468-7080 HQ

MLS Tech Support

888-825-5472 ext. 1
Broward County 954-492-1200 
 M-F 8:30am-8:30pm S-S 8:30am-3pm