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Form Simplicity

FREE for MIAMI Members

What’s In It for Me?
  • Simple to navigate; simply start a transaction and begin adding smart forms from the forms library
  • Library of forms contain pre-programmed, copyrighted forms – data automatically appears in each field courtesy of Content Tab
  • Time-saving, paperless features and value provides incredible savings
  • #1 Tech Support Service with personalized help and training
  • #1 most-used benefit among members


Make sure your computer is updated for FS

  • Watch the video on optimizing your system, located on the Form Simplicity LOGIN page
  • Call the Technology Helpline at (407) 587-1450 for assistance if needed


  • Send us your Brokerage-specific forms for upload into FS
  • Set up your Brokerage-wide packages and clauses
  • Use the Transaction Management features for office compliance
  • Encourage your agents to begin using Form Simplicity

Start using Form Simplicity

  • Webinars, videos and step-by-step instructions are available; Simply login to Form Simplicity and access the 'HELP' page.
  • Ensure that all new transactions are started in Form Simplicity

Help make Form Simplicity even better!

  • Provide feedback and product improvement suggestions using the 'FEEDBACK' tool in Form Simplicity

Verify that your Membership records are correct for proper access to Form Simplicity

  • Contact DPBR/Local Board/NRDS to update name, e-mail address, office affiliation, etc.
  • Brokers: verify correct DR is listed, offices are updated, addresses are correct, etc.

Export your transactions from your current forms software vendor

  • Download the "Import Export Help Guide" from the Form Simplicity 'HELP' page
  • Call the Technology Helpline for assistance if needed
  • Save your archived transactions to your computer or import them into Form Simplicity
  • Finish all current active transactions in your current forms software, but begin all new transactions in Form Simplicity

Help make Form Simplicity even better!

  • Provide feedback and product improvement suggestions using the 'FEEDBACK' tool in Form Simplicity

Click Here to Download the Import Export Help Guide

Webinars, Videos & Tutorials

Webinars, Videos & Tutorials

Login and click on the HELP page
Videos Tutorials: Click here
Starter Edition Quick Reference: Click here
Form Simplicity Marketing Video: Click here
Form Simplicity Help Center: Click here
Support:  Click here
By Phone:  407-587-1450
Live Chat: Click here

Fast Access

  1. Go to & click on MIAMI Gateway
  2. Click on the Matrix MLS button
  3. Click on Links at the top menu bar, scroll down to Smartlinks and choose Form Simplicity It's Simple, choose from Start a Form

"It's so simple and fast and makes it easy to write up an offer. You'll love it as soon as you start using it!"

Ralph E. DeMartino
Ocean International Realty


Forms Simplicity for me is a simple program that I can access easily from anywhere to get my contracts done on the dot. The name is perfect, as after having used various other programs I finally found one that is simple and easy to figure out and easy to use, even for the least techy realtor. It's intergration of importing info from the MLS and auto populating info entered are just a few of its spectacular feature." Michelle Rojas, Keller Williams Realty and 2015 MIAMI Corporate Board of Director

Thank you Florida Realtors for Form Simplicity for significantly minimizing stress, improving quality of life, saving a lot of money and reducing countless hours of work. April G., Florida Realtors member

Form Simplicity has been a life-saver for me as a REALTOR® on several occasions. When I am in Utah on vacation, and write an offer for a client in Iowa, it is TRULY a good thing. They often need to know they still have me in their corner when it comes to the decision making process of something so important as buying or selling their home. It's great to have a program to store the documents and not have to carry a briefcase full of paperwork. I am a firm believer in being able to sit down with a client and talk person to person, but when that can't happen; Form Simplicity has certainly been the next best thing to being there! Carol, Iowa Association of REALTORS® member

MIAMI Platinum Plus - Proxio Premier Agent

Everything you currently receive with Form Simplicity plus eSignature and Unlimited Storage.