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SUPRA Signature Services - A MIAMI Premium Service

*eKey Basic on your Smartphone $30 Supra Issuance Fee + $55 Fob/Adapter cost = $85
Click HERE to order your eKEY Online
MIAMI Members Save  $104.79
$30 Issuance Fee for eKey & eKey
Professional for MIAMI Members
MIAMI Members Save
Supra Web - Tracking & Reporting website & reports

No Cost!
NEW! Bluetooth Technology Lockboxes Lifetime Lease
MIAMI Members pay $125.50 plus tax TOTAL $134.29
(while supplies last)
  MIAMI Members Save $10.50 ea.


SUPRA eKey Service for MIAMI Affiliates*

eKey Basic for your Smartphone  $199.00/year
One-Time Issuance Fee for eKey $30.00
One-Time Fee/Purchase - FOB for eKey Lock Box Access
*Available only to qualified, fully vetted, Home Inspectors/Companies that are MIAMI Affiliates in good standing. For more information on how and why you can become a MIAMI Affiliate Member email to

Click here to review application. Please note: e-key service will only be provided in person at one of our 7 locations. Driver's license and company ID required.

Supra Member Service Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


*Put SUPRA on your Smartphone 
Lockboxes will be required on all properties for Fannie Mae, HUD, BOA

  • Get One(1) BT LE Lockbox for only $125.50 plus tax TOTAL $134.29*
  • Lease more BT LE Lockboxes if you have more active listings
    (BT LE Boxes are lifetime leases as long as you are a MIAMI Member)
  • $30 Issuance Fee
  • $55 Key FOB for eKey access
Remove all combination lockboxes on MIAMI Association listings
List More, Show More and Earn More using Supra Electronic Lockboxes

Why pay more for SUPRA when you can get it for less with MIAMI Membership?
This Premium Service to MIAMI Members