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Supra eKEY

Installation instructions for the eKey Application on your Smartphone

Use your smartphone or tablet as your lockbox key. The eKEY application uses your phone's wireless communications so you can do business anywhere. Choose from many different Android™, BlackBerry®, and Apple phones and tablets. For a list of devices that were thoroughly tested by Supra and provide the highest possible user experience, click here.  Devices not on this list may still be compatible, however, user experience may vary. 

Two service levels are available: eKEY Basic for common keybox functions, and eKEY Professional which enhances basic capability with adds business tools such as MLS data stored on your phone (eliminating time consuming over-the-air searches), linking the listings to Google maps, and displaying showing details on your phone. 

Troubleshooting Your eKey

To pair your device and the eKEY Fob:

  1. On your device, select Settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth.
    • For an iOS 5 or earlier device, select General and then Bluetooth.
  3. Set Bluetooth to On.
  4. Power on the eKEY Fob by pressing and holding the power button until the green light flashes.
  5. When you see Supra-xxxx, tap to connect.

Note: To use the eKEY software you must purchase the eKEY Fob from our association.

Click HERE to order your eKey online
(Online Supra EKEY orders are not for delivery, please wait for email confirmation to pick-up at one of our locations)

To use your eKEY Fob:

  1. Start the eKEY operation by selecting the (Obtain Key or Release Shackle) icon in your eKEY application.
  2. Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  3. Power on the eKEY Fob by pressing and holding the power button until the green light flashes, release power button once green light flashes.
  4. Point the eKEY Fob towards the infrared port on the iBox.

Recommended: For best performance hold the eKEY Fob between 6 inches and 2 feet from the iBox, iBox BT, iBox BT LE.

The eKEY Fob turns off automatically after an operation and after it has been inactive for 30 seconds.

If you receive any errors, click below for error code information

Compatible eKEY Devices

eKey Additional Info

Instructions on using your Supra eKEY

   Authorize your Supra eKEY
   Obtain a key
Release a shackle

Supra Member Service Hours:

9:00 am – 5:00 pm