MIAMI Association of REALTORS



Supra Agent Alert

Agent Alert is a convenient feature built into Supra's eKeys, providing peace of mind for MIAMI members anywhere you carry your Supra on your phone. With the press of a button, you have a simple and discreet method to send an alert message to priority contacts. The message and up to three contacts are set up in advance. Holding the alert button automatically sends the message to the contacts.

  • Send alerts discreetly using your Supra eKey on your phone or Apple Watch® paired with a smartphone using eKEY.
  • Elevate visibility of your location.
  • There's no need to be at a keybox or a showing. The alert
    notification can be used anywhere.
  • Open the eKEY app and press and hold the alert button for three seconds to send an alert.
  • Notifications can be sent as email or text message.
  • A link to a map of the key's location is included.

Setting up Agent Alert
  1. Login to SupraWEB at
  2. Select the Alert link
  3. Check Enable Service
    (CLICK HERE for more detail instructions)
  4. Enter the contact names
  5. Enter the email address or cell phone number
  6. Enter the message
Note: Agent Alert feature has been enabled by MIAMI. Location Services must be enabled for the eKEY app to include location information in the alert notification.