RCA MIAMI - REALTOR Commercial Alliance



Member2Member Rules

Please take the time to read the rules below which are designed to make the system more equitable and effective for everyone:
The following is the policy for the Member2Member Email System:
  • The Member to Member Email System is for the marketing of commercial properties only (haves and needs): office, industrial, land, business opportunities, multi-family etc. Any other type of email is subject to a warning, then permanent suspension. For example, recruitment ads, other services such as lending and title are prohibited.
  • The system is limited to 8 emails a month. Emails may be in the form of a summary of all inventory/properties or an individual property.  International properties, as long as they are commercial, are also acceptable.
  •  Members can send the same property twice within 14 days.
  • The Member sending the Member to Member email must be the primary contact on the flyer. If a Non-Member is found to be using a member email account they will be automatically billed for membership to MIAMI COMMERCIAL.
  • These rules will be distributed twice to all MIAMI COMMERCIAL Members through Member2 Member within this month and included in a button on the M2M dashboard. Any violation results in a warning, a reminder of current policy and a second infraction results in suspension of account for One (1) Month with reinstatement. The third infraction results in permanent suspension.
Thanks for your attention and understanding.
Member 2 Member Marketing